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Current Products

SS7 and IN stacks
Software stack enables rapid application development through its effective combination of software development tools and open application programming interfaces (APIs) at all protocol layers (INAP, MAP, WIN, CAP, TCAP, SCCP, ISUP, and MTP-3). Ability to achieve seamless migration of applications from traditional SS7-over-MTP networks to emerging SS7-over-IP networks that use the SIGTRAN M3UA and SCTP protocols.

Inter-Network Services Signalling Gateway (ISSG)
A continuously available network component that links together users and applications of legacy and next-generation networks into a cost-effective pool of shared services that include protocol conversion such as:
  • VoIP Apps  <->  Users on traditional Telephony Networks
  • SS7/WIN  <-> IP/SIP
  • SS7/WIN  <-> SS7/CAP
  • SS7/WIN  <-> IP/SIP
  • and others

Converged App Server (CAS)
Transform challenges into opportunities by utilizing the CAS to deploy Number Portability (NP) and converged SS7/SIP services. We have many Worldwide deployments for these services.  Number Portability for fixed and mobile networks.
  • Service Number (free phone, premium rate, and shared tariff).
  • Screening Services (access screening and destinations screening).
  • Locations-based Services (emergency call routing and customer care call routing).